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There are many types of membership available to you depending on which best suits your level of involvement and your budget as detailed below!  But if you need more convincing, CLICK HERE to see what our members have to say.



Annual Subscription: £20

The production of high quality drama requires a dedicated team of people. Some of these will be actors, but others will be involved with the many tasks that make seeing a production at BADA a memorable experience for the audience. These include the backstage, technical and front of house teams. When completing the below form, please indicate the areas in which you are willing to be involved. If you want to be ‘hands on’, then this is the membership for you!


Annual Subscription: £10

This membership is suitable for Students of any age (proof may be requested) and for any child aged 16 or under.


Annual Subscription: £26

Patrons know that coming to see a play at BADA is an experience not to be missed. Their annual subscription allows them to receive one free ticket for each production during the year and gives them the satisfaction that they know they are supporting the society, without having to get involved in the productions.


Annual Subscription: £10

Friends of BADA can claim a £1 discount off the price of their ticket to each show during the year, plus they can feel they are supporting the society along the way.

Whichever type of membership you select, you will receive a copy of each edition of the BADA Newsletter ‘BADA Buzz’ and an invitation to all of our social and fund raising events. Please fill in the below form (by clicking the link) and return it together with your payment as soon as possible, making cheques payable to BADA.

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