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"Picnic At Hanging Rock"

Tuesday 30th January at 8pm

St. Andrew's Hall, Burnt Ash Lane, BR1 5AF

From the book by Joan Lindsay - Adapted by Tom Wright

Directed by Simon Clark


Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 11.54.17.png

Simon Clark directs the extraordinary Picnic at Hanging Rock and is looking for 5 performers to complete his all female cast.

This is an opportunity to appear in a unique production; a heavily stylised and technical piece - a chance to challenge and build upon your skills.  We are also entering this production to the Kent Drama Association Festival.

On a summer's day im 1900, three Australian schoolgirls on a picninexpedition to the remote Hanging Rock bscond from their group.  They are last seen heading towards the beckoning rock...

In Tom Wright's chilling adaptation, five performers struggle to solve the mystery of the missing girls and their teacher.  Euhoria and terror reverberate throughout the community, as the potential for history to repeat itself becomes nightmarishly real.

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